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How to play Pikmin App


Pikmin are tiny, mysterious plant-like animals. In this world, Pikmin have been transformed into Seedlings and are dormant. Your goal is to explore the world and learn more about Pikmin.

Planting and plucking seedlings

Seedlings are planted in the Seedling slots of your item bag and grow by absorbing Step Energy generated by walking with your Pikmin App (smartphone). You can pluck Pikmin from the Seedling slots once you have accumulated enough energy for growth.

Renaming Pikmin

You can rename Pikmin that you’ve plucked by navigating to the Lifelog menu, then tapping on the Pikmin tab. Select a Pikmin, then tap ‘Name This Pikmin’ to rename them. You can also automatically rename Pikmin after the place where you picked up their Seedling. Tap ‘Auto’ and cycle through location descriptors such as the neighborhood, city, or state where you found the Seedling. Other Pikmin characteristics, such as color, will also be included in auto-generated names.

Giving Nectar to Pikmin and collecting flower petals

When you explore with your Pikmin Squad, they may pick up things along the way, like fruit. The fruit converts into Nectar, which you’ll give to Pikmin so that they can bloom flowers whose petals you can collect. Flower Petals are used to create flower trails during flower planting modes.


The Map shows your current location in the real world and logs the places where you’ve traveled.


Expeditions are campaigns where you can send Pikmin to collect Seedlings or other items at places you’ve previously visited. Select an Expedition from the Expedition screen, then select the Pikmin you want to embark on that campaign.

For details on how to do an Expedition, please see “Expedition” article.

Flower Planting

Flower Planting is a walking mode that forms flower trails as you walk. As a benefit, Seedlings are easier to find, and seedlings planted in your item bag grow faster.

For more information on how to do flower planting, please see “How to Plant Flowers” article.

How to Plant Flowers

Flower Planting is a walking mode where flowers are planted along the path you walk. As a benefit, seedlings are easier to find, and seedlings planted in your Item Bag grow faster during flower planting.

Note: Please keep in mind that flower trails are visible to others.

Users can choose between two flower planting modes: Alone or with Others. Both flower planting modes produce the same benefits; however, planting flowers with others allows you to share your Mii and Pikmin Squad and other nearby Users who have also chosen to plant flowers with others will be able to see your Mii and Pikmin Squad. Visit our Help Center article “Information shared with others” in Pikmin App to learn more about the information you share with other Users.

  1. Collecting Flower Petals

Pikmin have leaves on their heads that develop into buds when you give them Nectar. As you give more Nectar at this stage, the bud will bloom into a flower. When the flower glows, tap on it to collect its petals.

Flower petal colors vary between Pikmin, and you can visit the Pikmin details screen to view your Pikmin and the color of flowers they’ll bloom.

Recovery time for picking flowers

Flowers that aren’t glowing cannot be collected. You can still give Pikmin Nectar and bloom flowers, but you’ll need to wait a few hours until the flower glows again to collect its flower petals.

After a few hours, Pikmin will bloom from leaves to buds and from buds to flowers, just as if you were feeding it Nectar. If you don’t have much Nectar on hand, this is an alternate way to get flower petals without using Nectar .

2. Start Planting

Plant flower petals to create flower trails while you walk around the Map. You will receive a bonus that reduces the number of steps needed to grow Pikmin in seedling slots. Tap the button with the Petal Jar to open the flower planting menu to get started.

Pikmin Squad & flower trail width sizes

Your flower trails’ width sizes can vary and depends on the number of Pikmin in your Pikmin Squad. Add or remove Pikmin to change the width of your flower trails.

Planting flowers alone or with others

There are two flower planting modes: Alone and with Others. These modes both display flower trails you’ve created within the 5 days with other nearby Users. You will always start planting alone by default; however, you can toggle modes to plant “with Others” once you’ve started planting flowers.

Note: Your Pikmin App Avatar (Mii) and Pikmin are visible to other Users during “with others” mode. However, your username won’t be shared with anyone in either flower planting mode.

How to Stop Planting

You will automatically stop planting flowers when you run out of flower petals. You can also stop planting flowers in the middle of your planting session manually. Tap the jar again to open the flower planting menu, then tap the Stop button.


Pikmin Species

There are several species of Pikmin, and each species possesses different characteristics. Currently, there are seven known species of Pikmin:

Red Pikmin

Blue Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin

Purple Pikmin

White Pikmin

Rock Pikmin

Winged Pikmin

Pikmin Attributes

Pikmin Flowers

Leaves on Pikmin eventually bloom into flowers as you give them Nectar. Tapping on the flowers allows you to collect flower petals, which you’ll use during flower planting modes. Flower petals can come in four colors: red, blue, yellow, or white.

Decor Pikmin

These slightly unusual Pikmin are wearing attire associated with the place you found them.

You can find them from Big Seedlings, or, interacting with your Pikmin may turn them into Decor Pikmin. Postcard

When you take your Pikmin out for an Expedition, they’ll sometimes pick up postcards. Postcards are digital keepsakes that show Pikmin on their excursion.

Postcard photos are selected from photos of real-world locations submitted by Pokémon GO and Ingress players around the world. Pikmin App does not use photos saved to your phone, Lifelog or photos taken by other Pikmin App players.

There is currently no function to send postcards to other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t get a postcard.

Please be aware that postcards are not guaranteed. To get postcards, you need to send Pikmin on an Expedition. Please see this article for more information about “Expedition” article.

I received an inappropriate postcard.

Please contact us from the “User Support” link at the settings menu. Also you can also delete postcards after tapping a postcard, tap “: “and choose “Delete Postcard.”Daily Lookback

The Daily Lookback is an animated summary of your Pikmin App progress from the past day, visible only to you. This summary will include the places you walked, the places where you planted flowers, and the number of steps you walked.

In some cases, you’ll earn a chance to get a free item by playing the propeller mini-game if you have walked a lot that day. Pikmin Expedition

Expeditions are adventures you send Pikmin to collect seedlings and fruits from places you’ve visited. In addition to seedlings and fruits, Pikmin may sometimes pick up postcards.

How to start an expedition

Tap the “Expedition” tab from the map screen. If there are no expeditions available yet, go out and explore your neighborhood.

Items that you can collect are displayed under the “Choose your expedition!” message. Choose the item you would like your Pikmin to pick up.

Select the Pikmin you want to dispatch. You can also select the Pikmin you wish to send automatically by tapping the “Auto” button.

The required number of Pikmin you’ll send on the expedition depends on the item.

The duration of the expedition depends on which Pikmin you select.

Tap the “GO!” button to begin the expedition Pikmin Expedition

Expeditions are adventures you send Pikmin to collect seedlings and fruits from places you’ve visited. In addition to seedlings and fruits, Pikmin may sometimes pick up postcards.


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