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Hey everyone!

With the release of 0.205.0, we’ve had a lot to go through. We’ve spent more of the time on assets, which are now all reported (we think at least haha) but we also have some more information about the Route Maker, Compare Challenges, Tappables, and a few other goodies. So let’s get started with this Digging Deeper!

Original Teardown: Link

  • Route Badge

    • Works similiar to Gym badges

    • Gets rewarded a route badge upon completting a route

  • Routes are loaded per cell like Pokemon, Gyms, etc

  • Route Stamps can be rewarded per stop on the route (we are pretty sure at lesat)

    • Stamps can contain a type and color but currently that information is missing

  • New dialogue system for a new NPC type that appears along routes at stops

    • The character list and their expressions are currently missing

  • There will be activities to do along the route for trading Pokemon, comapring Pokemon, and trading gifts

  • Compare Challenge activity has you try to beat an opponent by comparing certain stats against theirs

    • Things like having a heavier Pokemon or having a newer Pokemon

    • Unclear who you are comparing against at this point, maybe the NPC?

  • Tappables and rewards

    • They appear along the route at stops (they also might be indepentant of Routes, we aren’t sure on that though)

    • They contain rewards that you can collect

    • Your buddy can help collect them too

  • Postcards can be received along the route that contains player info, their buddy, and some other stats

  • Smaller misc updates and a bit more on Wild Snapshot Quests

Route Badge

It looks like the Badge that is rewarded is similar to the way that Gym badges are rewarded, where you can receive several versions of the badge for each route completed in this case. The badge contains things like:

  • Route Name/Description/Image

  • Route’s creator

  • How long it takes to complete (or how long it took you to complete?)

  • Number of times completed

  • Last time you played it

  • How many stamps you earned for this route

  • The last played POIs on this route (which then contain the name, image, and last stamp that you earned at that POI)

When these badges are shown to you, they will show pretty much all the same things as above, but they also show you the starting position of the route too.

Kinda related (not really but unno what category to put this under), we can see that the route list is added to the map cell code, so routes are loaded per cell like Pokemon, gyms, etc.

Route Stamps

Stamps are rewarded when you complete stops on the route. You can view them in the Badge menu as listed above and it appears you can earn one stamp per stop.

Stamps have a type and color, but currently, both categories don’t have any subcategories (like there are no colours listed under color options). This feature doesn’t quite feel finished to us based on that.

NPC Dialogue

There is a second dialogue system now added to the game, that looks to be almost identical to the existing dialogue system they are using for Rockets. Except for this time, it’s more general for NPCs. This new system seems to use a separate character and expression system, independent of the Rocket system, but there are currently no characters or expressions, just placeholder code.

That said, we do see there is a new Rocket NPC added specifically for Routes (remembering that Rockets are the re-used feature for spawning NPCs at stops, like Kanto Tour). And we can see this new dialogue system is used specifically for Routes and Route Activities / Interactions, which is a good segue into…

Route Activities

As reported in the original teardown, there is an activity section to the routes. It seems like the dialogue above will be used to guide the user through these activities. The four types are:

  • No Activity

  • Trade Pokemon

  • Compare Pokemon

  • Trade Gift

But we now have quite a bit more info this time around. We aren’t sure if these activities are per stop or per route. Different parts of the code seem to suggest both options but more areas seem to suggest its per stop. We are going to approach it for now like this is per stop but we could be wrong (disclaimer: Datamining!).

Each stop appears to only be able to contain one of the above activities, so you wouldn’t have to trade and compare at the same stop it looks like.

The Pokemon Trade and Gift Trade don’t actually have much of any code inside them, however. The Pokemon Trade activity only has a few fields that contain the result of the trade, and what pokemon ID was traded/received and the Gift Trade has no information inside it. These feel like stub code to us, so these features are probably not ready to go live just yet. But the Compare Challenge does actually have some information… And would you look at that, another great segue into…

The Compare Challenge!

This actually sounds pretty cool. You have to compare your Pokemon to… An NPC? We aren’t 100% sure on that, but you compare it to something and to win the challenge, it either needs to be greater or less than one of the following categories:

  • Weight

  • Height

  • Age

  • Walked Distance

  • CP

  • Max HP

So for example, you would compare one of your Pokemon to another Pokemon’s stats, and if you are doing a greater challenge, you would need a heavier Pokemon than your opponent. Or less Max HP than your opponent.

There doesn’t seem to be much information regarding choosing a Pokemon, what you are comparing to, etc, so this also feels unfinished to us.

Tappables and Rewards

Crud, don’t have a fancy segue this time. Guess we’ll just have to deal. Anywho. We’ve mentioned Tappables in the teardown, but we have a little more to talk about. They appear to be linked to a stop while on a Route specifically, with tappables appearing that you can then collect. The game keeps track of the number of tappables and how many you collected separately.

They can contain anything from the loot table. As a reminder that includes:

  • Any item in the game’s inventory like evolution items

  • Stardust

  • Pokecoins

  • Candy

  • XP

  • Eggs

  • Clothing

  • Stickers

  • Mega Energy

  • XL Candy

As another reminder, this list does not mean this is what they will add to Tappables, just that they have the option if they want.

Tappable settings will be pushed to the Game Master, so we’ll be able to see these values when the feature goes live, but the settings contain controls like:

  • Visual radius

  • Spawn angle

  • Movement respawn threshold

  • Buddy FOV

  • Buddy collect chance

  • Average tappables the player can see

And then a toggle to disable the player from actually being able to collect them.

So it seems to us, that these will spawn on the map around the stop, contains rewards, and your buddy will be able to help pick them up for you? Personally, I’m imagining how items appear on the map in Harry Potter, but that’s just my guess. And if they add clothing to this, you’d get to pick up clothes off the ground. Score.

It’s also worth noting that Routes and Tappables have separate toggles so they can turn just routes on and not Tappables. Unclear why; maybe they will do a rollout of Routes without Tappables at first or just for the granularity of it. Or, Tappables are actually a separate feature that just works alongside Routes. Guess we’ll see.

Route Postcards

Something completely new we dug up since the teardown, was Postcards. We aren’t seeing anything about sending postcards specifically, just about receiving them, but we are assuming they have to come from somewhere and that code just doesn’t exist yet.

You receive postcards at specific stops along the route, and they contain:

  • The player’s public profile and their buddy (including their nickname)

    • The buddy section has a candy rewarded section too, so maybe you get buddy candy for receiving postcards? Unless that’s just showing you how much the other player received.

  • The stop information (name, description, image, etc)

These sound kinda like gifts, but without items and Route specific. This could be related to the Trade Gift activity, but we didn’t see anything that specifically links these two. But again, there seems to be some missing info here so hard to come to any real conclusions at this point.

Wild Snapshot Quests

The only thing to add here since the original teardown is that when you take a wild picture, the game keeps track of which Pokemon it is, its types, and how many photos you took specifically.

Fun fact: If you take more than 2,147,483,647 photos of the same Pokemon you’ll probably break something. Challenge accepted anyone?


The Event Banner section in today view can now auto-scroll through multiple images instead of needing to refresh the window like before.

Nearby raid notifications can now be turned off remotely from the server.

When a battle request comes in, it now contains what type of battle it is (Friend, GBL, Rocket, etc). Unno why though.

Referral code invites can now be read-only.

A whole slew of new error messages were added for various things like lures, encounters, raids, etc.

Deep linking notifications appear to be removed in 205.

AR Scanning received a separate Telemetry section. So things like Device OS and Model, POI Submission info entered, etc feedback is now sent back to the server.


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