Pokémon Go Integration with Pokémon HOME Coming out This Year

Pokémon Go Integration with Pokémon HOME Coming out This Year

Pokémon HOME to launch this year

Pokémon Go brings good news for gamers. According to Pokémon Sword and Shield Information Stream, gamers can now use the Pokemon Home feature in Pokemon GO. It helps the players to save their rare collected Pokemon.

In this feature, gamers can keep their collected Pokemons in the Home. But it works only in one way. If you move your Pokemons to Home, you cannot get it back in Go.

Another interesting feature it provides is that when you transfer Pokémon home, the mystery box of GO will open with the rare Pokemon Meltan. In addition, players will also receive a gift of a Melmental with Gigantamaxing capability. This is the only option in the game to get it. So definitely it will be an added advantage for the gamers.

The facility to integrate Pokémon Home with Go was announced in February this year. And since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting further news. But it wasn’t until recently that Pokemon updated with its release date.

When it will launch?

Pokémon Home feature will come live in the last month of this year.

More updates yet to come from GO’s team side. So far, how anyone can transfer Pokémon from GO to HOME remains to be announced.

Along with the launch date, the Go team also urged players to follow the guidelines of local health officials while playing the game.

Credit: Drew Reports News

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